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For Creative Writing, Write a Horror Story with a School Setting

Pas un RĂªve            I'm alone. I can't see anyone or anything around me and the sickly yellow lights are making me nauseous. They rock back and forth, like a hypnotist's pendulum, swaying me to sleep.          Sleep. Dang, don't I miss that right now. I can't sleep just yet because right when I wake up, there may be a knife at the ready, waiting to cleave my face in two like Freddy Krueger's claws. My mind is filled with images of the sort and I find myself wondering about the other students. Whatever happened to them...I don't want to know…          I shove myself off of the grimy and rusted, dented locker I leaned on for rest, and stalk through the halls, sticking close to the lockers. I'm panting and feeling dizzy, but I keep moving, not wanting to be found. What I want to do is get out of here, but that's not happening anytime soon, now is it?          As I walk, I begin to miss the liveliness of my academy. A small,

Creative Writing Stories

Students have created many interesting things so far in the Creative Writing.  They have created their own narratives as well as their own short stories. Some goals that I want them to have by the end of the year is to be able to realize the power that they have in their own writing skills.